Project Description

Moon Bound

Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi – Family Entertainment/Fairy Tale, ca. 90 min, Color – Production

„Moon Bound“ is a modern version of the classic children’s tale by Gerdt von Bassewitz. An adventure story for children and family audiences, full of magic and adventure, magnificent imagery and loveable creatures, like Mr. Sandman, the Night Fairy, the celestial Forces of Nature and Mr. Zoomzeman, the talking June bug.

But most of all it’s about Peterchen and Anneliese. The two siblings have a hard time at school because they are the new kids in town and get bullied by the other children. Thanks to a chance encounter with June bug Mr. Zoomzeman, they get a unique chance to prove themselves. Due to unfortunate events, Zoomzeman’s sixth leg has been banished to the moon. And according to an ancient prophecy, he can only get it back if he finds two brave human children who accompany him on a trip to the moon.


Director Ali Samadi Ahadi
Screenplay Arne Nolting & Ali Samadi Ahadi
Producer Frank Geiger & Ali Samadi Ahadi
VFX Studio Red Parrot Studios
Based on the book by Gerdt von Bassewitz

Further Information

Original Language German
Status Development
Category Animation
Length ca. 90 minutes
TV station ZDF
Begin of Production Autumn 2018