Project Description

Once Upon A Time

Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi – Feature/Animation , ca. 90 min, Color – Development

NORA recognizes giants in the garbagemen, she suspects dwarfs under her bed and is certain that some dogs can talk. Nora is eight years old, bespectacled and chubby  – a big outsider in her class. She wants another family, another life; a mother she doesn’t need to be ashamed of because she is a school cook; a father who is really there for her and not anywhere in the world.

Nora and her single mother CAROLINE struggle on the losing side of life, each on her own. That’s why Nora spends every free minute with her storybook. She not only reads the stories, she lives them. What nobody deems possible: Nora’s fairytale world actually exists.

As one day, Caroline angrily throws the fairy tale book in the aquarium and the words blur, little Nora miraculously finds the magic word that opens the door to the fairytale world.

A wild chase through the city begins, where strange alliances are formed, a child conquers reality, a woman regains her dream and mother and daughter rediscover their love for each other.


Director Ali Samadi Ahadi
Screenplay Stefan Kolditz
Co-Writer Laila Stieler
Producer Ali Samadi Ahadi & Frank Geiger