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Project Description

Tomorrow we’re free

Director: Hossein Pourseifi – Historical Drama, ca. 90 min, Color, Post-Production

In February 1979, the “Islamic Revolution” sweeps over Iran. Young chemist Beate (37) follows her husband Omid (44), an Iranian dissident living in the GDR, full of love and hope in his homeland. However, after the initial spirit of optimism, the situation deteriorates for Beate and her daughter Sarah (8). As the new revolutionary government turns more and more into a merciless regime, Beate’s family has to make a fateful decision.

“The revolution eats its children,” it says in reference to the French Revolution. TOMORROW WE’RE FREE is the dramatic story of a woman who experiences the historical truthfulness of this quote in the most painful way.

The drama is aimed primarily at a culturally and politically interested arthouse audience and has also potential for the international market due to the historical relevant topic.


Director & Writer Hossein Pourseifi
Producer Mark Fencer, Armin Hofmann, Frank Geiger & Ali Samadi Ahadi
DOP Patrick Orth
Sound Olav Gross
Rental & Production Company Little Dream Entertainment GmbH

Further Information

Original Language Deutsch
Status Postproduction
Category Feature Film
Duration ca. 90 minutes
Transmitter WDR/arte
Main Cast Reza Brojerdi, Katrin Röver, Luzie Nadjafi