Project Description

Little Germans

Director: Mohammad Farokhmanesh & Frank Geiger – Feature Documentary/Animation, 90 min, Color, Germany/Austria 2018

In an unusual combination of documentary and animated feature, LITTLE GERMANS draws attention to a problem that has hardly been dealt with in our society, though it is more relevant than ever in view of the right-wing violence in recent times: children who grow up in an environment hostile to democracy and who are raised according to dogmatic principles of right-wing extremist ideology.

This documentary feature also looks beyond the traditional structures of right-wing extremist groups into a part of our middle class society that is increasingly shaped by right-wing populist tendencies – and confronts the viewer with protagonists who raise their children in the spirit of a world hostile to democracy. The animation story runs like a golden thread through the film and tells the tragic life of the personally affected Elsa: As a child, she played soldier with her beloved grandpa. With her right arm outstretched, she proudly shouted “For Fuehrer, folk and fatherland!” Today she looks back on a childhood built on hate and lies and tries to understand what this upbringing did to her and her own children.


Director Mohammad Farokhmanesh & Frank Geiger
Screenplay Frank Geiger & Mohammad Farokhmanesh
Producer Mohammad Farokhmanesh, Frank Geiger, Ali Samadi Ahadi & Armin Hofmann
Co-Producer Arash T. Riahi, Sabine Gruber, Karin C. Berger
DOP Marcus Winterbauer
VFX Supervisor Arnold Sakowski
Production Companies Little Dream Entertainment GmbH, brave new work GmbH
Co-Production Company Golden Girls Film
Rental Company Little Dream Pictures GmbH

Further Information

Original Language German
Theatrical Release 09.05.2019
Category Documentary/Animation
Lentgth 90 min.
TV station SWR/arte