Project Description


Writer: Tillmann Orion Brehmer & Alfonso Maestro – Animated Sitcom, 13 x 22 min, Color – Development

One father, two little flings, three unintentionally perfectly timed contraceptive glitches: Paul, Barbie and Ludwig are born as “half triplets” on the same day. 30 years later and the three did not grow up. Manipulated by career-obsessed Barbie and tapped for money on a daily basis by shaggy life artist Ludwig, small-shouldered hero Paul fortunately has an emotional anchor: ex- and best friend Berthe. When she introduces her perfect new boyfriend Jan to the group, nothing is the same anymore …

FRIEDEFELD combines classic sitcom themes such as love and everyday life with socially critical and satirical remarks to create a series that is unique in Europe so far. In 22-minute episodes, the oddly absurd joke of animated comedy meets season embracing storytelling.


Director Tillmann Orion Brehmer & Alfonso Maestro
Screenplay Tillmann Orion Brehmer & Alfonso Maestro
Producer Ali Samadi Ahadi & Frank Geiger