Project Description

The Mucklas

Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi – Family Entertainment, ca. 90 min, color – in production

Just like a fish needs water, the Mucklas need chaos and disorder.

But since the humans have cultivated their order more and more over the decades, nowadays the Mucklas are completely extinct…

Completely? No, one tribe survived in Mr. Hansen’s tremendously chaotic “Stuff Store”.

The world-disorder of the Mucklas is shaken in its very foundations, when Mr. Hansen forgets to breathe and as a result doesn’t linger on this world anymore.

The store’s new tenant is a total order freak and on top of that a vermin exterminator, who is doing everything to fight his small subtenants.


Director Ali Samadi Ahadi
Co-Director Markus Dietrich
Script Thomas Springer based on characters from Sven Nordqvist
Production Tradewind Pictures GmbH in coproduction with Amour Fou Luxembourg, Senator Film Produktion, Little Dream Entertainment GmbH
Distribution Senator Film Verleih
World Distribution Wild Bunch, Germany
VFX Studio Red Parrot Studios GmbH, LUXX Film GmbH, Zeilt Production
Actors Uwe Ochsenknecht, Christine Urspruch, Marianne Sägebrecht, Stefan Kurt, André Jung, Marco Lorenzini et al.

Further Information

Original languag Deutsch
Original title Die Mucklas… und wie sie zu Pettersson und Findus kamen
Status In production
Category Live-action and animation
Length ca. 90 minutes
TV station ZDF